CBD Vape Device Mod Style Adjustable Voltage 2.0ml Empty Vape 500mah Battery Vaporizer Pen

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VSI CBD vape device box,palm size, interactive vaping experience, lightweight and rechargeable pod system,500mah battery, ceramic core,a very quick heat up time.vape is an inhale activated device that offers users Adjustable Voltage setting.

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Product Introduction


CBD vape pod are an easy and convenient way to dose your CBD. Quite simply put, a CBD vape is a box shaped device used to vape CBD.device is configured empty Volume 2.0ml Pod,Mesh Coil 0.9 ohm and 4 Oval oil intake hole ,whole by aluminium product coated with leather and Plastic


1. Inhale Activated
2. Push Button controls voltage, preheating and LED light
3. Click push button 5 times turn on the device another 5 times to turn off
4. Click 3 times to adjust voltage
Green light - 3.3V output
Blue light - 3.6V output
White light - Full Power
5.To enable preheating Hold the button for 5sec until the LED blink twice, preheating is enabled. Clicking twice can start preheating, the battery will output 2.0V for 10sec for preheating, during this period, click button once can stop preheating.
6.To disable preheating Hold the Botton for 5sec until the LED blink once, preheating is disabled. When preheating is disabled, clicking the button twice will not start preheating.
7.Light up the window Hold the button for 0.5sec, the Led will light up the window, when Led light is on, release the button, the light will stay on for 5sec.


1. USBC charging, input 5V/1A, Charging current 450/500mA. When connected to charging cord, the LED blinks RED 3 times.
2. Battery voltage <3.5V, LED flashes RED when charging, if disconnect, LED will indicate RED for 2 seconds 3. Battery voltage 3.5V~3.9V, LED flashes BLUE when charging, if disconnect, LED will indicate BLUE for 2 seconds 4. Battery voltage >3.9V, LED flashes GREEN when charging, if disconnect, LED will indicate GREEN for 2 seconds
5. Battery fully charged, LED indicate GREEN, and if disconnect, LED will indicate GREEN for 2 s
6. When shortcut during charging, the LED blinks RED 20times, and stop charging.

Product Parameters

Volume 2.0ml
Coil Mesh Coil 0.9 ohm
Oil Intake 4 holes, Oval oil intake hole
Battery Capacity 500 mAh
Material 1.aluminium product coated with leather 2.Plastic
Size 44.5*14*70mm
Cap USBC Cap
Package Includes 1 pc XBRUN VS1 Pod System 1 pc XBURN VS1 Refillable Pod 1 pc User Manual 1 pc USBC Charging Cord
Package Size 80*28*140mm

Relevant Knowledge

The main benefit of CBD e-liquid is that vaping it has the highest bioavailability compared to all of the other consumption methods. Most people use CBD vape for anxiety, while others vape CBD for pain relief.
There are many other benefits of vaping cbd, it has been shown to be beneficial for helping a variety of symptoms associated with:
Neurodegenerative conditions
Multiple Sclerosis

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