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High Quality Choice

Carefully select high quality suppliers

Blongangvape.com is backed by deep pockets and resources. Suppliers on blongangvape.com are managed through a professional rating system to select top suppliers and optimize the sourcing of high-quality goods, while maintaining the comprehensiveness of product categories.We have been providing OEM/ODM service for many brands.

We development and production of Disposable Vape/Vape Cartridge/Tank/Vape Pod/Dry Herb Vaporizer/accessories and creative electronic cigarette since 2011.Through the years, we continuously invested on R&D and repeatedly optimized the atomization technology and vaping experience and quickly established ourselves.Currently Our factory covers more than 20, 000 square metres,There are over 8 production lines and more than 500 workers which would provide 5 millions vapes per month, and we have 10+ professional development team to provide design + R&D service.

OEM ODM Disposable Vape Manufacturer
About Us

Comprehensive Quality Control

Through comprehensive quality control, from raw materials purchase to production, packaging and shipment, each procedure is tested strictly to ensure products 100% qualified,all products are guaranteed to be genuine. blongangvape.com strictly follows the five steps of CITST quality control, namely, inspecting suppliers, inspecting production, testing sample quality, spot-checking products, tracking after-sales, to ensure that all products meet consistent quality standards and user requirements.

Our quality control standard, 8 major International testings:Draw Resistance,Temperature&Humidity ,Drop Test,Quadratic image ,Electric Capacity ,Pressure Test,Salt Spray Test,Vibration Test.

With a high-quality supply chain and self-built supplier base, blongangvape.com has advantages and independence in pricing, providing high-quality products with high cost performance to global users.

Various brands

Blongangvape.com works closely with more than 50 well-known brands and top suppliers to provide users with a wealth of shopping options.

Blongangvape.com provides the most cost-effective delivery service covering over 200 countries and territories.

We have a warm and thoughtful customer service center, professional logistics, efficient supply chain, fashion leading PE, first-class design department, experienced operation team and marketing team. 

Leading the Vape industry by setting the tone with the latest technology and groundbreaking creativity, providing superior quality devices with the highest standards to protect people’s health and enjoy a happier life.

Our aim is to design, develope and manufacture the most cost-effective products for our customers,100% refunds for any defectives is our warranty.

OEM ODM Disposable Vape Manufacturer
OEM ODM Disposable Vape Pod Factory
OEM ODM Disposable Vape Pod Manufacture

With increasing popularity and demand

Through the years, we continuously invested on R&D and repeatedly optimized the atomization technology and vaping experience and quickly established ourselves as the go to disposable e-cigarette field.

We are considered as the old head in the field and proudly become Partner of the top wholesale and famous branding in US & European and Southeast Asia countries,We have been providing OEM/ODM service for many brands.

We provide customers products with the healthy, fashionable and cost-effective through comprehensive market survey, studying customers′ Needs and professional design concept.we strives for constant innovation and product development to meet the consumers’ needs, Providing Premium Quality, A highly efficient.